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Bonded & Licensed #TRCC 42318

Dockens Construction and Roofing will give you and your family peace of mind knowing that your next remodeling project will be taken care of by highly trained and motivated professional carpenters. Our teams are hand picked for each task to ensure the best and most time effective completion of your project.

Only the best material is selected for each individual job. We offer everything from the higest quality stone work, to the most economic plans for your remodel.

Roofs are made to last; they are made to keep the weather outside and the comfort inside. Some roofs are designed to last 50 years; some roofs last only ten. During hurricane season Dockens Construction & Roofing was not a contractor that took the money and left town. We live here, we were here years before the hurricanes hit and were here to help our community rebuild. When your roof needs an update, overhaul or just a check up, call Dockens Construction & Roofing.